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Be a Winner for Life

Ronnetta was crowned Miss South Carolina 1991, an honor that allowed her to travel as an ambassador for our state and serve as a spokesperson for the Miss South Carolina and Miss America organizations. During her year of service, she made over 450 appearances, visiting students in more than 350 schools with her speaking presentation, Be a Winner for Life, a self-esteem and anti-drug program. In the Miss South Carolina competition, she was also named the winner of the Quality of Life Community Service award for her volunteer service and received three consecutive Lifestyle & Fitness awards in swimsuit competition. Twenty-three years later she continues to be an advocate for the power of positive thinking, volunteerism and a healthy lifestyle.

Empowering Young Women

Ronnetta was recently named to the Board of Directors of the Miss South Carolina Scholarship Organization and looks forward to helping a new generation of young ladies excel through the Miss America program. She believes that every young lady who participates can gain life changing skills and experience exemplified by the four points of the Miss America crown -- Scholarship, Success, Style and Service. Representing a program known as the largest provider of college scholarships for young women is an honor and a great responsibility. Ronnetta loves sharing those opportunities that the Miss America Organization offers.

Overcoming Iron Deficiency Anemia

Ronnetta recently became the world's first Iron Educator for Iron-out-of-Balance™, certified by the Iron Disorders Institute. She is an advocate for awareness about Iron Deficiency Anemia (IDA), a serious and potentially deadly disorder that she has struggled with most of her life. As a member of the Board of Directors of the Iron Disorders Institute, a national non-profit organization whose vision is that no one should suffer or die prematurely because of Iron-Out-of-Balance™, she serves as the organization's spokesperson for IDA. Iron disorders are extremely prevalent (40-50% of women suffer from IDA) and range from those with too little iron (iron deficiency with or without anemia) to those with iron overload (hemochromatosis).

Get Your Iron Up

Ronnetta is also the founder of Get Your Iron Up LLC and the creator of, a website that has received over 100,000 visits. Through her work with the Iron Disorders Institute, she has devoted thousands of volunteer hours to help ensure that other women fully understand the dangers, red flags, diagnosis, treatment and management associated with the disorder. Her Anemia Red Flag Diaries and The Girlfriend's Guide to Iron Infusions unscripted videos have reached over 30,000 views on YouTube. She has helped organize free public iron screenings, patient workshops, educational seminars and iron symposiums for physicians and medical professionals -- all in an effort to bring to light the significance of achieving and maintaining wellness through iron health. To organize an Iron Screening or Iron Certification Program for your group or organization, please contact Ronnetta.

50 is the New Me!

Ronnetta will turn 50 in January 2015 and she has spent  the upper half of her forties dragging her heels, mostly dreading what's to come. As this milestones starting to loom up close and personal, she had a change of heart and adopted a new attitude. She realized that the things she talked about wanting and doing were just that -- talk. She decided to stop stalling and waiting. She decided to embrace her age and start living. In the spirit of the popular saying that 30 is the new 20, and 40 is the new 30...she decided "50 is the new ME!

"Change is in the air and it's really nothing short of revolutionary. We live in a time when "middle aged" translates to much more than "over the hill." We're actually starting to value mid-life almost as much, if not more than, our youth! Maybe it's the hip thing to do. Maybe we've been swept along in the pop culture current created by the aging celebrities of our generation. Think of all the stars who have turned the 50 corner -- Oprah, Madonna, Michelle Pfeiffer, Brad Pitt, Andie MacDowell, Johnny Depp, Christie Brinkley, George Clooney, John Bon Jovi, just to name a few. I recently came across an article entitled, "The 50 Hottest Stars Over 50!" That is something you'd never see even just 10-15 years ago! Hot and 50 did not appear in the same sentence until recently. Maybe scientific research and new technology have given us the tools we need to keep up with and even stay ahead of the aging process. Maybe we've learned enough to realize that life is dangerously short and we need to squeeze out every ounce of happiness not only in the first half, but from start to finish! Whatever the reasons may be, at this point in my life, I feel grateful to have the tools, the knowledge and the resources to shape a new me, even at the age of 50. I'm going to embrace my age and start living. I've made up my mind that it's not too late for me, how about YOU?" ~ Ronnetta

The 3 Cs of Marriage

Ronnetta and her husband Tommy have been married for 21 years. Serving as Mrs. Greenville, she is extremely proud to represent married women and all they have to offer. Uplifting marriage and family life is so critical, especially in this day and age when marriage rates are on the decline. Ronnetta knows that marriage is hard work AND a work-in-progress, but she believes that there are 3 Cs that are key to maintaining a healthy, loving marriage. Let her share that message with your audience.

"After many years of marriage, I love that I still adore my husband. We have a solid, real relationship built on mutual respect. He is my biggest supporter…and my most honest critic. I can go to him with any issue and he’ll be the voice of reason with straightforward, helpful advice. Despite the fact that he is a United States Secret Service Agent who has traveled the world protecting U.S. Presidents, First Ladies, Vice Presidents and dignitaries, his focus has always been on our family. He is a loving, hands-on father to our two sons and I can’t imagine our life without him!" ~ Ronnetta



When the Miss South Carolina pageant returned to television in 2014 after a 15-year absence,

Ronnetta was asked to be the spokesperson for Agape Senior, the Premiere Sponsor of the telecast.

Three TV commercials, focused on aging parents and health care, aired during and after the pageant.




Ronnetta's unscripted vlogs (video blogs) have received thousands of views and numerous comments from suffers of Iron Deficiency Anemia looking for answers to their health issues and medical condition. As an IDI-certified Iron Educator, Ronnetta fields emails and messages with the goal of directing individuals to their health care providers for iron panels, diagnosis and treatment.