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Ronnetta Griffin, affectionately nicknamed the Iron Queen by the patients she has helped,  is certified by the Iron Disorders Institute as an Iron Educator and serves as an advocate for awareness about Iron Deficiency Anemia (IDA), a serious and potentially deadly disorder that she has struggled with most of her life. As a member of the Board of Directors of the Iron Disorders Institute, a national non-profit organization whose vision is that no one should suffer or die prematurely because of Iron-Out-of-Balance,™ she serves as the organization's spokesperson for IDA. Iron disorders are extremely prevalent (30-40% of women suffer from IDA) and range from those with too little iron (iron deficiency with or without anemia) to those with iron overload (hemochromatosis).

Ronnetta is also the founder of Get Your Iron Up LLC and the creator of www.getyourironup.com. Through her work with the Iron Disorders Institute, she has devoted thousands of volunteer hours to help ensure that other women fully understand the dangers, red flags, diagnosis, treatment and management associated with the disorder. She has helped organize free public iron screenings, patient workshops, educational seminars and iron symposiums for physicians and medical professionals -- all in an effort to bring to light the significance of achieving and maintaining wellness through iron health.





In this segment of "The Anemia Red Flag Diaries," learn to recognize the signs and symptoms of Iron Deficiency Anemia, which is a very serious disorder that can lead to a heart attack! Visit GETYOURIRONUP.com for more information.
In this segment of "The Anemia Red Flag Diaries" entitled "The Heart of the Matter - Iron Deficiency Anemia and Irregular Heartbeat," Ronnetta Griffin from Iron Disorders Institute shares her experience with heart irregularities, palpitations and shortness of breath...which turned out to be a tremendous "red flag" for her Iron Deficiency Anemia (IDA).
In this segment of "The Anemia Red Flag Diaries" entitled "Ice, Ice Baby: Iron Deficiency Anemia and Pica (Eating Ice or a Non-Food Item)," Ronnetta Griffin Iron Disorders Institute describes her pattern of obsessive craving and eating ice.
In this segment of "The Anemia Red Flag Diaries," get to know the Iron Buddies and Iron Bullies of Iron Absorption! Coffee, tea, calcium, eggs, fiber, antacids and proton pump inhibitors (for acid reflux) can block your body's absorption of iron, which can lead to Iron Deficiency Anemia.
Hey girlfriends (and guy friends too), Ronnetta Griffin of Iron Disorders Institute invites you to come along for a behind-the-scenes look at IV Iron Infusions! In "The Girlfriends' Guide to Iron Infusions," Ronnetta takes you through her own personal experience over the course of six days for four IV Iron Infusions to treat her Iron Deficiency Anemia (IDA).